Why Toronto Celebrates Chicken Wings at Kensington Market Restaurants

Of all meat types, chicken is one of, if not the most versatile product there is. This is why both professional chefs and home cooks alike have their fill coming up with various recipes featuring this poultry as the main star of the dish. Usually best enlivened with rosemary, thyme, and sage, these fragrant spices complement the naturally succulent white meat and take it to a whole new level. Indeed, nothing says gourmet like a mouth-watering whole chicken roast or a tender grilled breast spiced up with the zing of these seasonings.

For the people of Toronto, chicken wings are one of their most celebrated and well-loved dishes. The city even has an annual chicken wing festival in honour of its citizens’ undeniable love for it! Established Kensington market restaurants are only too happy to oblige their patrons with the chicken degustation they yearn for at this time, of course.


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