Canadians’ Growing Hunger for More Gourmet Food Stores in Toronto

Many fast food chains are becoming worried because of the growing popularity of gourmet burgers in Toronto, as well as other parts of Canada. More gourmet food stores in Toronto are now starting to offer food with more exquisite flavors in order to satisfy consumer demands like high-end burgers, sandwiches, and Chinese food. It is not just the fast-food burger industry who will experience a decrease in sales, but the entire fast food chain groups in general, like pizzas. The research by the NPD predicts that there will only be a one per cent annual increase in the number of people who would dine at Canada’s fast food restaurants. They continue to say that this small figure is a sign of an era with more competitive players in the market.

The NPD explains that Canadians’ demand for food is evolving. Many now opt for take-outs and drivethrough. While the popular food chains are becoming worried, local food stores are becoming very happy.


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