Kensington Market Restaurants Share in the History of Sandwich-Making

Such a story somewhat proves that the sandwich is a good embodiment of the adage “Necessity is the mother of invention,” since the Earl’s idea allowed him to both have dinner and play cards by holding his meal in one hand and keeping another free for the game.

Just a few months later, the sandwich quickly became popular in England. It likely reached North America along with the colonists, and since then has remained adored in society. Today, it is easily enjoyed by practically anyone, as long as they can be bothered to fix one for themselves. Those who don’t have the time to whip up even just the simplest of sandwiches, on the other hand, can just head over to local Kensington Market restaurants like St. Andrew Poultry’s Foodie Bar where, for sure, there is more than enough choices for sandwiches to go around.


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