Improve Team Relations by Calling Food Delivery and Eating Together

Harmonious team relations are important in the work performance of employees or staff. By interacting more with their colleagues, they are able to actively exchange ideas, and become more comfortable with talking to each other. This creates a positive working atmosphere that encourages and brings out the potential of the employees. Sure, that yearly team-building activity is a great way to encourage collaborative efforts, but such can also be achieved through the simplest things, specifically with good food. Here are some recommendations:

Team Lunch – Bring everyone together and order food delivery every now and then. This allows the team to exchange work stories, and give each other advice on some matters while enjoying some BBQ chicken or a shawarma. This also prevents the risk of eating fast food daily, which most employees do. You can help improve the office atmosphere and at the same time keep everyone’s health in check.


Lunch Meeting Prep Tips: Finalising the Menu from Your Local Caterers

As a popular saying goes: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, and so it should also be true that the way to a businessman’s heart is through mouth-watering food from the best catering companies in Toronto like St. Andrew Poultry.

If you have planned a business lunch before, then you already know that choosing the food to be served can be quite challenging. Some people make the mistake of thinking that great-tasting appetisers and entrées are the only requirement for a successful lunch meeting—but this is far from the truth. Here are some of the things that you need to consider when finalising the menu with your chosen caterers.

Gourmet Food Stores in Toronto Serve Nutritious Options for Runners

Running requires discipline, yet it is also one of the most rewarding exercises anyone can undertake. As most runners know, nutrition plays an important part in developing the stamina required to finish every race. Chicken, in particular, can be a good part of any meat-eating recreational or professional runner’s diet plan, as Dr. Liz Applegate states in her article for Runner’s World.
Dr. Applegate’s advice certainly rings some bells among members of the running community right in Toronto, ON. A check of the TO’s running events calendar this summer reveal at least 12 runs of varying distances that are worth tackling, including road runs and trailblazers. If you need a ready source of nutrition to further help your body as you train, why not take a gander at gourmet food stores like St. Andrew’s Poultry for your options?

Toronto Food Delivery: Fresh and Tasty Options for a Sizzling Summer

Our meat shop and food delivery joint also provides local restaurants the freshest poultry and red meat for their special BBQ recipes. Indeed, St. Andrew Poultry has been a top source of fresh, raw meat in downtown Toronto since 1962. Our retail butcher shop sources supplies from our very own wholesale business, so we can guarantee only the freshest meats are sold at our shop. It is our policy that no product older than 2 days after kill date shall be served to our valued customers.

Incidentally, we’ve had our butcher shop rebranded just last year. After extensive conceptualization, planning, and remodeling, we now have a Prepared Food counter where you can choose from ready-to-eat seasonal soups, salads, baby-back ribs, traditional and BBQ briskets, and vegetarian specialties—perfect for capping a long day at school or work!

Toronto Caterers Shell Out Some Tips for the Barbecue Party Season

Toronto, Ontario (May 14, 2015) – Toronto caterers, meat shop, and gourmet food bar St. Andrew Poultry presents advice to help people gear up for the barbecue season. The restaurant’s Chef Bernadette Calpito, dearly referred to as “Chef B” by the restaurant staff, has tips to make people’s barbecue parties extraordinary.

As the summer season nears, people throughout Ontario are looking forward to hosting or attending barbecue parties. While inherently fun, Chef B believes there are many more things people can do to ramp these parties up. To help with this, she gives out some BBQ party tips just like how a chef from premier Toronto caterers can.

Kensington Market Restaurants Share in the History of Sandwich-Making

Such a story somewhat proves that the sandwich is a good embodiment of the adage “Necessity is the mother of invention,” since the Earl’s idea allowed him to both have dinner and play cards by holding his meal in one hand and keeping another free for the game.

Just a few months later, the sandwich quickly became popular in England. It likely reached North America along with the colonists, and since then has remained adored in society. Today, it is easily enjoyed by practically anyone, as long as they can be bothered to fix one for themselves. Those who don’t have the time to whip up even just the simplest of sandwiches, on the other hand, can just head over to local Kensington Market restaurants like St. Andrew Poultry’s Foodie Bar where, for sure, there is more than enough choices for sandwiches to go around.