Here’s Why Eating Chicken from Toronto Gourmet Food Stores Is Awesome


Ah, good old, tasty chicken. Who doesn’t want a dish of that, anyway? Whether it’s chicken soup, chicken stew, chicken chili, chicken breast—almost any form of cooking for this wonder bird is loved by many. Eating poultry offers a vast number of health benefits, more so if specific parts are given enough attention (i.e. breast). Here are a few more reasons why you should raid local gourmet food stores in Toronto for your regular helping of chicken, aside from it simply being yummy.


Thanks for Keeping St. Andrew Poultry a Great Toronto Food Delivery

Congratulations, St. Andrew Poultry team! What for? For a job well done, of course.
Specifically, our catering service is going so well, a lot of the top law firms are ordering from us. Indeed, we continue to uphold the finest service standards in catering and food delivery in Toronto. Such a feat has been accomplished thanks to your continued dedication to maintaining food quality and excellent service.

From St. Andrew’s beginnings as a store for fresh and affordable fowl in 1962, we have always been committed to providing customers only the best. As our business expanded to include Toronto food delivery, catering, and other food services, this commitment to excellence has only deepened. We are happy to see that it remains very much alive in the people who make up St. Andrews today.

Gourmet Kensington Market Restaurants Are Cooking Up New Summer Menu

Torontonians and tourists to enjoy as warm weather kicks in. We will be adding chicken and waffles, sausages, and other delicious prepared foods to our summer menu, which would be great to enjoy with family and friends as you frolic in Kensington Market. The place is packed with sights to see and new experiences to enjoy.

After a morning of basking in the sun and enjoying the laid-back scenery of the Market, head down to St. Andrew Poultry’s Foodie Bar for a freshly prepared meal. Have a taste of our new summer menu or choose from our existing menu. Our hot and ready-to-eat boxed lunches, particularly the ever-popular St. Andrew Quarter BBQ Chicken and the Montreal Spice Quarter BBQ Chicken, are served with fries. For those who want a lighter meal on the healthy side, we have a wide selection of green, leafy salads like Greek salad, Caesar salad, and Baja California Salad.

Get Some Help from Toronto Caterers Whenever You’re Planning a Party

Planning an event is extremely tiring and time-consuming. It doesn’t matter if this is a birthday celebration, an anniversary, a valentine dinner, or even just a business lunch. What makes planning these events even harder is that you cannot just settle down with the average decorations and take-outs from the nearest fast food. These are times when you need to get the best of the best, and aim to inspire. Here are a few tips you can use.

1. Booking A Place – The most important thing when you find a place is to ALWAYS consider your guest list. The location should fit the number of people invited without making them feel cramped, and should be easily accessible to most of them, if not all. Next thing to think about is where these people would prefer to have the event in: it can be a fancy restaurant, the park, your house, or even just a wide office space. It’s okay to keep the location simple if the event is simple.

Canadians’ Growing Hunger for More Gourmet Food Stores in Toronto

Many fast food chains are becoming worried because of the growing popularity of gourmet burgers in Toronto, as well as other parts of Canada. More gourmet food stores in Toronto are now starting to offer food with more exquisite flavors in order to satisfy consumer demands like high-end burgers, sandwiches, and Chinese food. It is not just the fast-food burger industry who will experience a decrease in sales, but the entire fast food chain groups in general, like pizzas. The research by the NPD predicts that there will only be a one per cent annual increase in the number of people who would dine at Canada’s fast food restaurants. They continue to say that this small figure is a sign of an era with more competitive players in the market.

The NPD explains that Canadians’ demand for food is evolving. Many now opt for take-outs and drivethrough. While the popular food chains are becoming worried, local food stores are becoming very happy.

Kensington Market Restaurants –Raw Food for Happier and Healthier Pets

You’ve watched those animal channel documentaries about big cats and wild wolves, and have seen how those powerful muscles move as they pursue their prey. The chase ends with those great jaws locking on their food-prey. Your cute and cuddly pets have no need for the savage chase, although anatomically, those sharp teeth remind you of their carnivorous appetite and ancient haunts—along with short intestines that allow for speedy passage of raw flesh into their guts, and powerful digestive juices capable of dissolving bones. Depriving them of their natural food—and isolating their diet to filler-abundant commercial foods, which, ultimately aren’t designed completely for their nature, can actually lead to various health problems for your pets, such as itchy skin, ear and anal gland issues, and yeast infection.