Toronto Caterers Shell Out Some Tips for the Barbecue Party Season

Toronto, Ontario (May 14, 2015) – Toronto caterers, meat shop, and gourmet food bar St. Andrew Poultry presents advice to help people gear up for the barbecue season. The restaurant’s Chef Bernadette Calpito, dearly referred to as “Chef B” by the restaurant staff, has tips to make people’s barbecue parties extraordinary.

As the summer season nears, people throughout Ontario are looking forward to hosting or attending barbecue parties. While inherently fun, Chef B believes there are many more things people can do to ramp these parties up. To help with this, she gives out some BBQ party tips just like how a chef from premier Toronto caterers can.


Caterers in Toronto Makes Kensington Market a Summer Food Destination

For the first time ever, St. Andrew Poultry is inviting foodies and food tour companies to take a trip down to Kensington Market for a summer gastronomical experience of unbelievable proportions. Summertime has a lot to offer for foodies and adventurous eaters alike, especially for those who have a passion for healthy food. Kensington Market in particular is home to many of the best restaurants and caterers in Toronto like St. Andrew Poultry. Customers can opt to drive by for takeout or dine in on the establishment’s patio.

Caterers in Toronto Offer Alternatives to Your Unhealthy Packed Lunch

St. Andrew Poultry, one of the most renowned poultry retail/wholesale and caterers in Toronto, offers alternatives to your unhealthy packed lunch. Once known as a meat processing plant, St. Andrew Poultry is now recognized as the best place to get gourmet food made from the freshest poultry, meats, cheeses, and other ingredients throughout the Kensington Market area. Our customers can enjoy delicious, fresh, and hot lunches in place of their unhealthy packed lunches.

Most workers don’t have enough time in the morning to prepare healthy food for lunch, while others skip it entirely in order to squeeze in more time for work. As a result, these employees end up with low blood sugar levels and poor concentration. Many settle for eating fast food or nibbling at snacks from a convenience store. Studies show that these are actually unhealthy practices that can lessen your productivity in the workplace.

Caterers in Toronto Launch Super Bowl Special Wing and Chip Platters

Super Bowl season is upon us once again, and you know what that means – Super Bowl parties! It’s that time once again to gather family and friends to watch your favourite teams while munching on the #1 food choice for get-togethers like these: chicken wings and chips and dips.

Looking for the best chicken wings in town in time for the Super Bowl? Since 1962, St. Andrew Poultry has been one of the leading Toronto caterers and know as the Go-To place for great chicken wings. This year we’re featuring a Wing Platter with six pounds of chicken wings along with servings of coleslaw, fries, and cookies for only $99. Craving for chips? You can also get our Chip & Dip platter for 15% less when you order by January 21. Get your choice of Roasted Garlic Hummus, Mediterranean Eggplant dip, or Guacamole for your assorted pita and chips.

Caterers in Toronto Make Holiday Celebrations Easier and More Fun

The holiday season is once again approaching, and households everywhere are buzzing about, scrambling to prepare for the celebrations to come. It can be tedious to do all the preparations yourself, but it will all be worth it once your guests appreciate the work you have done. Executive Chef Bernadette Calpito of St. Andrew Poultry, one of the most established caterers in Toronto, offers several entertaining tips to make your holidays easier.

All parties and gatherings demand enough space for all the guests, so your first priority would be to make room. By carefully arranging furniture, you can create enough space for guests to move around. Even if you do not have enough furniture for everyone, you can always opt for a cocktail party with the right tables in place.