Gourmet Food Stores in Toronto Serve Nutritious Options for Runners

Running requires discipline, yet it is also one of the most rewarding exercises anyone can undertake. As most runners know, nutrition plays an important part in developing the stamina required to finish every race. Chicken, in particular, can be a good part of any meat-eating recreational or professional runner’s diet plan, as Dr. Liz Applegate states in her article for Runner’s World.
Dr. Applegate’s advice certainly rings some bells among members of the running community right in Toronto, ON. A check of the TO’s running events calendar this summer reveal at least 12 runs of varying distances that are worth tackling, including road runs and trailblazers. If you need a ready source of nutrition to further help your body as you train, why not take a gander at gourmet food stores like St. Andrew’s Poultry for your options?


Catering from Toronto Gourmet Food Stores for a Productive Meeting

Business meetings offer an opportunity for a team or organisation to gather new ideas, solve existing problems, and plan for future endeavours. On the downside, however, long meetings characterized by slow slide shows, not-so-energetic speakers with droning voices, and very technical topics can cause most people to drift into the land of boredom. It’s a good thing that dependable gourmet food stores in Toronto like St. Andrew Poultry provide catering services to make sure that both attendees and presenters have something to not only look forward to, but something to keep them alert and awake.

Food and Productivity

So how does catering from Toronto gourmet food stores make a difference in your meetings? An article by Harvey Chipkin published by Travel Market Report states that better choices in food, specifically brain-stimulating food, can make meetings more productive.