Gourmet Food Stores in Toronto Serve Nutritious Options for Runners

Running requires discipline, yet it is also one of the most rewarding exercises anyone can undertake. As most runners know, nutrition plays an important part in developing the stamina required to finish every race. Chicken, in particular, can be a good part of any meat-eating recreational or professional runner’s diet plan, as Dr. Liz Applegate states in her article for Runner’s World.
Dr. Applegate’s advice certainly rings some bells among members of the running community right in Toronto, ON. A check of the TO’s running events calendar this summer reveal at least 12 runs of varying distances that are worth tackling, including road runs and trailblazers. If you need a ready source of nutrition to further help your body as you train, why not take a gander at gourmet food stores like St. Andrew’s Poultry for your options?


Toronto Food Delivery: Fresh and Tasty Options for a Sizzling Summer

Our meat shop and food delivery joint also provides local restaurants the freshest poultry and red meat for their special BBQ recipes. Indeed, St. Andrew Poultry has been a top source of fresh, raw meat in downtown Toronto since 1962. Our retail butcher shop sources supplies from our very own wholesale business, so we can guarantee only the freshest meats are sold at our shop. It is our policy that no product older than 2 days after kill date shall be served to our valued customers.

Incidentally, we’ve had our butcher shop rebranded just last year. After extensive conceptualization, planning, and remodeling, we now have a Prepared Food counter where you can choose from ready-to-eat seasonal soups, salads, baby-back ribs, traditional and BBQ briskets, and vegetarian specialties—perfect for capping a long day at school or work!

Toronto Caterers Shell Out Some Tips for the Barbecue Party Season

Toronto, Ontario (May 14, 2015) – Toronto caterers, meat shop, and gourmet food bar St. Andrew Poultry presents advice to help people gear up for the barbecue season. The restaurant’s Chef Bernadette Calpito, dearly referred to as “Chef B” by the restaurant staff, has tips to make people’s barbecue parties extraordinary.

As the summer season nears, people throughout Ontario are looking forward to hosting or attending barbecue parties. While inherently fun, Chef B believes there are many more things people can do to ramp these parties up. To help with this, she gives out some BBQ party tips just like how a chef from premier Toronto caterers can.

Thanks for Keeping St. Andrew Poultry a Great Toronto Food Delivery

Congratulations, St. Andrew Poultry team! What for? For a job well done, of course.
Specifically, our catering service is going so well, a lot of the top law firms are ordering from us. Indeed, we continue to uphold the finest service standards in catering and food delivery in Toronto. Such a feat has been accomplished thanks to your continued dedication to maintaining food quality and excellent service.

From St. Andrew’s beginnings as a store for fresh and affordable fowl in 1962, we have always been committed to providing customers only the best. As our business expanded to include Toronto food delivery, catering, and other food services, this commitment to excellence has only deepened. We are happy to see that it remains very much alive in the people who make up St. Andrews today.

Caterers in Toronto Makes Kensington Market a Summer Food Destination

For the first time ever, St. Andrew Poultry is inviting foodies and food tour companies to take a trip down to Kensington Market for a summer gastronomical experience of unbelievable proportions. Summertime has a lot to offer for foodies and adventurous eaters alike, especially for those who have a passion for healthy food. Kensington Market in particular is home to many of the best restaurants and caterers in Toronto like St. Andrew Poultry. Customers can opt to drive by for takeout or dine in on the establishment’s patio.

Fuel your Staff with Healthy Snacks from Toronto Gourmet Food Stores

Working for more than eight hours per day, five to six times a week can really be exhausting. With all the hustle and bustle that every adult experiences daily, they tend to be oblivious of how they are putting their health conditions at risk. Employees tend to focus on their tasks too much that they sometimes forget to have their meals, which often results to illnesses and, at the same time, affects their performance.

On the other hand, there are those who rush their meals, such that they do not pay attention to what exactly they are feeding their body. Sometimes, they will opt to eat at their desks instead, which, as recipe doctor Elaine Magee notes in QuickBooks.Intuit.com, could be a problem because, “When people snack at their desks, they tend to eat fast and furiously, and if you eat fast, you’re more likely to eat more than you need.”